Saturday, April 16, 2011

You're My Best Friend

90% of the time the boys these days (8 and 4 years old) do GREAT together, really, it's a beautiful thing.  The other 10% is filled with the likes of "AAAUUGGH Max just kicked me in my ear! (how does that happen?  he's not a ninja, yet) ---- Well Bwiggs just took away my blue Lego piece!!! (of which we have like a MILLION)"

I'll not dwell on the 10%, I just chalk it up to boys being boys and them learning some of the necessary stuff siblings must work through as time goes by.  The 90% though, is really really neat to observe as a parent.  Briggs likes to teach Max, and usually Max listens.  Max wants to do and play whatever Briggs does, I can already tell though how Max really is starting to show that he wants to do those things in his own way, which is fine.  They do everything together and are usually so complimentary of each other.  From time to time Max has taken to telling Briggs "You're a GENIUS!" for what seems like a trivial thing to me and mom.  But to Max, big brother Briggs is like some sort of Lego-building, super-spy-ninja, homeschooling, scripture and Jabberwocky memorizing Einstein.  And Briggs' affection for his little brother is just as strong.  As we were getting out of the car the other night, Briggs asked Max to carry something and Max said "sure Briggs!" and Briggs said "You know Max, I sure do love you...", "Yeah" says Max.  "And you know what Max?  You're my BEST friend too!", "I knoo-ow" comes a mild mannered reply...


At night they sleep together in Briggs' bed.  Briggs has taken to wanting to read to Max, it's a treat to hear them read "There is a Bird on Your Head!".  Briggs reads the bulk of the book, while Max reads the responses.  They get such a pure and hearty laugh reading it together.  After prayers, their newest tradition is telling each other "Good night Big Bro, I love you..." and comes the reply "Good night Little Bro, I love you too..."  What a blessing.  Thank you Lord for such sweet children...

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! I see this between our two oldest and ADORE it! :)