Thursday, May 26, 2011

That Max!

Before I do a year end "homeschool" post, I have to write one more about our sweet boy, Max.  We think he is pretty funny and are compelled to document some recent doozies.

Last Friday, I went to the dermatologist to have a couple of moles removed.  Just as the doctor was nearing my face with a razor blade, Max stated very matter of factly, "We have a dead cow at our house....cut into little pieces...."  Thankfully, the doctor stopped to laugh because I would be in trouble if she hadn't.  Of course, I had to explain that we had just bought a half of a cow for our freezer.  Why Max thought the doctor needed to know, I can't say.

Speaking of the cow, he was exceptionally confused the whole way to pick up said cow.  He thought he might have to milk it at some point on the trip.  Once we got there and he saw the um.. state of the cow... he decided that he did not like to eat cows.  We also visited the farm so we could see the place. We also thought it would be good for the boys to see where our meat actually comes from (not just magically shrink wrapped from the grocery store.)  For a while, I was worried we ruined his ability to eat beef, because when we grilled hamburgers the next day, Max asked if he was eating the cow.  When we responded yes, he replied, "cool.  I do like cows!"  Whew...

On the spiritual front, he never ceases to surprise.  A few weeks ago, the Bible story in his class at church was about Jesus turning water into wine.  His current favorite song is Chris Thomlin's "Our God is Greater" which begins with the lyric, "Water, you turned into wine."  He was quite fascinated with wine for a little while, but thankfully that has passed.  The next week's Bible study was about Jesus and the money changers in the temple.  His description was, "Jesus almost killed those guys.  It was so cool."  Totally fit in with his superhero kills the bad guys paradigm.  We had a little discussion about righteous anger and got that one worked out, more or less.

This last Sunday, he told me that during large group time, the teacher asked the class of about 50 4 & 5 year olds, who wrote the Bible.  Max told me, "Everyone yelled GOD!  But I yelled, "CHOSEN MEN!"  As in chosen men by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, one of the answers in the catechism book we are reading, "Big Truths for Little Kids."  We were so proud!

Every Monday I write our memory verse for the week on the board in the school room.  Max had decided he did not want to do school that day, so he was in his room playing Bob the Builder.  As Briggs and I began the read the verse, "An excellent.."  Max shouted from his room "who can find?  She is far more precious than jewels.  Proverbs 31:10."  We had no idea that he knew it.  Apparently, they went over it at church the day before.  He had completely memorized it in one day.  He really does have some awesome memorizing skills.

Speaking of homeschooling, one day I was trying to encourage him to do a worksheet.  He looked at me dead seriously and said, "My name is not Max.  My name is Ninja Boy and ninjas.don'"

He also has informed me that "pockets are way better than purses."  I guess that was just FYI for us girls.

While looking for his sippy cup, I told him that I found it and he replied, "No, that's not it.  That one is from tomorrow."

Once as I was cleaning off his muddy feet, I asked him if he had been playing outside barefoot.  He asked, "bear feet?  I have bear feet?"  After I explained what barefoot meant, he said, " Oh, yeah, I have a bear foot.  A bear came out of the woods and gave me a bear foot."  I decided to forgo further explanation and just said, "You are so cute."  Of course he replied, "No I'm not!"

A few months ago, Max learned about a tiny country in the middle east.  Since then, at random times he tells us that we need to pray for that counrty.  One day, he came to me and said that people who live there dress like this:

Earlier this week, we were riding in the car and all of a sudden Max said, "Mom, we need to trust God.  We just have to trust Him.  We really do, mom.  I trust Him, Mom."  Seems he's on the right track...or maybe we still have a ways to go:

Yesterday, while waiting for Rod to meet us for lunch, Max was playing with a toy and Briggs asked if he could see it.  Max said no and I asked him if he would like to share just for a few minutes.  He replied, "no" so I told him that I would pray for him, that God would change his heart and make him want to share.  I quietly prayed and a few seconds later he said," Well Mom, He didn't."  Oh boy:)


  1. Such a cutie! Isn't it amazing how their little minds work?! We SO need to get together with the boys this summer!
    BTW...where in the world did you buy that cow?! If for some reason I crash from lack of iron, I'm sending Jonathan to your house! :)

  2. You know that makes me miss him all the more.. Mom