Friday, September 9, 2011

In Full Swing (sort of)

It's two months since there's been a post around here and let's just say it's been a weird summer.  We never really fell into any kind of routine, with Briggs' arm being in a cast, my crazy work load, and it being 150 degrees outside.  Rod got a temporary promotion which translates in more work.  Lots of late nights and working even after he comes home.  I'm not complaining, we are grateful for a job and the hope of future opportunity.  Our air conditioning had not been working properly and then died altogether.  The air compressor was replaced and boosters installed and we were cool once again.  We went swimming a few times, went to Dothan once, and sweated at the zoo twice, but other than that it seems we didn't do a whole lot until the end of the summer- after the public schools started back (hooray for homeschool).  We went to Atlanta for a few days with Rod, who had some meetings there.  We went to the aquarium and saw the new awesome dolphin show, braved Ikea alone (child watch there is #1), and then went to the zoo.  The zoo was very hard to enjoy due to the H.E.A.T.  It was sweltering!
We began school (third grade whoo too!) on August 15.  We had two full days of motivated diligence  and then I had a social work conference to attend or lose my license forever.  I left some independent work for Briggs to do and he did it without any prompting from Granny (I think).  On Saturday- we finally left for the beach trip we had been looking forward to since the beginning of summer!  We had put it off due to the cast on Briggs' arm, which he got off on August 3.  I'll save the details for another post, but we had a wonderfully relaxing time together!
So after the beach, we struggled a bit to get back going with school.  We were off to a great start three weeks ago, but it seems we've lost a little steam.  But we are powering through and it's getting better.  I was a little worried about the workload, but it seems fine.  Even Latin!  Actually, the boys love it!  Yes, I typed boy-s.  We listen to a CD of chants in the car and little Max sings along, "amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant."  He'll probably learn it better than the rest of us!
And good news for me, I am getting some help with my work responsibilities!  I have basically been doing a 40 hour job in 20 hours, albeit poorly.  Thankfully I have a little more help now and will not be teaching foster parent classes every week this fall.  I am very relieved, but still having difficulty managing it all.  I've gotten behind on typing some home studies and currently have 6 hanging over me (that's about 180 pages).  My sweet honey tentatively agreed to getting some help every once in while for me in the cleaning department, so I can't wait to get that worked out!  Maybe it will even help with more posts around here;)

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