Monday, October 10, 2011

Max's 5th Birthday

Where does the time go?  It seems like only yesterday Briggs was holding a bottle up to Max and feeding him.  Now Max is turning FIVE!?  This birthday Max was all about LEGOs.  Besides the stubbornness, he reminds me so much of myself as a little kid, pouring over catalogs, drinking in all of the subtle details of the myriad of toys to be had.  He has been enthralled, obsessed even, with the most recent lego catalog.  When he realized that his birthday was in the not too distant future, he carried around that catalog EVERYWHERE we would go.  Walked around the house with it, car rides, on the way to church, by the bed, everywhere.  He knows every page of it, every character, every ship, and through careful questioning on his part, he has come to know which things are within his price range and which are out of reach.

We've stressed to him to not continuously tell us what he "wants", but to politely ask if he might could have something instead.  He is so cute asking (if one can be cute asking for something politely every 10-15 minutes) if he could have something, if we would "just think about it, I know I won't get everything, but just think about it...okay daddy?".

When the Big Day came, we spent the whole day making it all about Max.  He woke up to find balloons and lego crayons that Leslie had made.  Briggs only slept about three hours the night before.  He was so excited for Max that he couldn't rest, getting up every few hours to see if it was time to get going.  That morning Max was allowed to open one present and had to wait until I got home to open the rest, I know, it was torturous.  The home school group met at the park and celebrated with lego cupcakes and play time.  After that they went home and Briggs helped Max build the lego set he had opened that morning.  When I got home he opened the rest of his gifts.  All of them were lego sets, with no complaints from Max.  There was a lego farm, a lego space shuttle, lego Atlantis ship, lego pirates, legos, legos, and more legos everywhere.  For dinner he wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant for some "chicken and rice", aka chicken fried rice, even though he's still a little freaked out by the fire they flare up on occasion.  After that we returned home to build some more and call it a night.  I can safely say he had a good day.  For me, it was an especially precious night snuggling with my now five year old son in one arm and his faithful eight year old brother in the other...

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