Thursday, December 8, 2011


The boys and I are taking off the winter from sports in order to spend some good, quality weekends together.  This past weekend we scoped out Cheaha State Park and was blessed enough to have timed it just right to catch a beautiful sunset.  We swung by the highest point in Alabama and then walked a trail to Bald Rock to catch a spectacular view of the surrounding area.  The boys had a great time walking through the woods, climbing rocks, and seeing a handful of deer.

Max has been on a math and spelling craze.  Everyday he asks how do you spell about twenty different things and reads off the letters on a sign and asks what they spell.  Then he's asking what's 1+2, which could mean he's asking what is the sum or what are those numbers when put together, as in 1+2 = 12, the hard part is knowing which he's asking for.  Briggs has been focusing on his scouts a good bit and is almost finished with enough achievements to get his bear patch.  He's also doing great with school, working word problems and some long division problems that I sure wasn't doing in 3rd grade.  All three of them are leaving me in the dust in Latin.  Briggs even recognized the latin word for "forest" on a compass the other day, I've got some work to do.  Briggs also worked really, really hard to earn enough money to buy a family a starter set of chickens through Samaritan's Purse and has been sure to pray for them as well.  I think he's really close to understanding the gospel and the gift God provides to all who repent and believe in Christ.  We've had several very deep and great conversations over the past several weeks regarding such matters and we all pray together every night, good memories.

They're both very excited for Christmas, Max can't wait to give Santa his (lengthy) list.  Briggs is the most excited about getting a puppy the week of Christmas.  We couldn't hide it and the place we're buying him from has been thoughtful enough to post videos and pictures of the puppies as they're growing, it's been really exciting.  We've already picked him out and named him Duke.  I'm sure there'll be much more to come on him, hopefully more good than bad...

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