Sunday, April 15, 2012


Leslie and I have gone back and forth over the last several years on whether or not we should get the boys a dog. This past fall we finally broke down and just dove in. Briggs had one when he was about 3, he was cute, but dumber than dirt; we eventually gave him away to a loving home. I had one criteria for this one, it had to be a lab. The best dog I've ever had was a lab, faithful, trainable, and smart. I wanted a chocolate and Leslie wanted a black. We got to looking around and it was hard to find a chocolate and ultimately Leslie convinced me that the blacks looked better mature. So, we found a great breeder that you could tell really cared about their dogs. We were trying to time getting him a little closer to Christmas but that didn't work out. Leslie couldn't believe how big he already was when we got him. I can't believe how fast he's grown since then. He's everything we were looking for and pretty much what we expected. He's torn up a few things that he wasn't supposed to, mostly plants and a few socks, but nothing too bad. We've crate trained him, something I had not done before, and he's done great with it. He's great on the road, sleeping most of the time. We even took him all the way to Texas with us. Dad was gracious enough to let him stay a week with him along with all the other critters. He did great the whole way there and back and had a blast with my Dad's dog, horses, donkeys, cows, etc.

What? I didn't do anything...


Whadya Looking At?
He's been in the water a few times but wanted to get out as fast as he could. Over Easter weekend he finally found his swimming legs and had a blast.

If Leslie had written this post she would probably mention how out of control he is when I'm not around, climbing on furniture, tearing up more stuff, which is all true, unfortunately; but manageably so. All in all though he's been great and is definitely part of the family. The boys love him and play great with him. Briggs favorite game is running laps around the house. Max's favorite is trying to ride him. Now we couldn't imagine life without him. Good boy.

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