Sunday, December 16, 2012

Born Again

I can't believe it's been so long since we've last posted an update. It's been a hectic second half of the year with job changes, moving back to Dothan, and just life in general. I spent most of my summer in Dothan on a special assignment which ultimately, after much prayer, led to me taking a job back in the area in October. We sorely miss our church family, friends, homeschool group, scout friends, and sports teams; but we're slowly starting to blend back into the Dothan world and trust that God has a plan for all of us. The biggest news this year and thing to reflect on thus far, has to be Briggs' salvation.

After reading a book last year called "Give them Grace", I was personally convicted of how important it is to treat our children in some ways as a mission field. That I would never go to another country and tell people to just behave, work harder, or do better in order to please God; so why would I treat my own children any differently. Of course with homeschooling we've been intentional about biblical teaching (2 Tim 3), but, I had found that I was not intentionally sharing the gospel, praying, and teaching the boys as I should. My worst fear was that either boy should ever "pray a prayer" of salvation or "accept" Christ just to please us. Sometime in 2011 we started especially treating most every problem with Briggs, to the extent practical, as a matter of our sinful hearts. Laying out supporting scripture and praying with him.

One night this past January, with nothing special going on, the boys were playing up stairs, Leslie and I were downstairs just sitting around; and Briggs came down with a serious look on his face. While playing legos of all things, Briggs said something clicked where he realized that his sin separated him from God and that if he were to die he'd be judged for those sins. After talking with him, he repented of his sin and surrendered his life to Christ.  He was baptized in August.  We were so humbled and overjoyed at God's grace in his life.  Here is the church's video below:

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  1. Wow! What handsome boys!!! And hooray for Briggs' salvation! How sweet the Lord is and gracious, too! This news makes me SO happy! Yay!