Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Worst Day of Max's Life

Since the day Briggs lost his first tooth, Max has been dreading when it would happen to him too.  "Do I still have all my teeth?" was a question we would hear from time to time.  Two weeks ago, he realized that he had a wiggly tooth.  He would not let anyone touch it and would not wiggle it too much, lest he make it any worse.  Saturday morning he came to my bedside and said, "Mom, my tooth is really wiggly.  Do you think I still have some time?" I assured him he had a few more days and not to worry about it.  We told him that we would let it fall out on its own and no one has been allowed to touch it.  That afternoon while at Uncle Scott and Aunt Sue's house, he asked for a sucker.  Almost at the same time we said, "Be careful! You might pull your tooth out!"  Not five minutes later he ran in the room panicked-stricken, holding his tooth.  Then he proceeded to cry.  And cry.  For 30 minutes.  He said it hurt, but really he was just. plain. mad.  He didn't stop crying until Rod and Briggs came back from squirrel hunting and daddy made him calm down.  Before we left, he said it was the worst day of his life!  He finally got a little excited when we reminded him that he could put it under his pillow.

We think he's pretty adorable even without all of his teeth.


  1. Too funny! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying your new home! :)