Sunday, September 29, 2013

Max turns 7

Yesterday was Max's birthday and we celebrated with a big bash at the park. Last year we were closing on our house and moving on his birthday, so we didn't really have much time to plan anything special. As I reflected over his past birthdays, I realized that I tend to do more for Briggs' birthdays than I have for Max's in the last few years, not on purpose, it just has happened that way! SO we went all out for this one. He chose an Angry Birds Star Wars theme at the park in our neighborhood and I got to work on scouring Pinterest to make it cute.

We enjoyed celebrating with lots of friends and family.

The kids climbed trees, played R2 Egg 2 (carrying an egg in a spoon) and Pop the Piggies (relay race to pop a storm trooper pig balloon).

They spun on "Space Spin-du" until they fell off or wanted to throw up. Thankfully no serious injuries, although there were a few close calls.

Briggs hosted a Jedi Training session with the pool noodles turned light sabers and enjoyed helping everyone celebrate. He gave Max the sweetest card with heartfelt words of brotherly love that made this momma cry with thankfulness.

They played "Naboo Invasion," which was the party version of hot lava monster tag.

When I asked him how it felt to be seven, he replied,"It feels great.  Well,... really... it feels pretty much like being six."

This sweet boy lights up our life with his smile, snaggle-tooth as it may be! He is adorable, hysterical, and keeps us on our toes. 

Max, we love you and are so proud of you! I am so glad you are seven!

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