Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Growing Up, but not yet

The other day Max asked if he could go to our neighborhood park by himself. He proceeded to tell me all of the reasons that he was old enough to go by himself and even suggested we role play some different scenarios. He promised to run away from any one who tried to give him candy. He swore he would never talk to anyone he did not know. I decided to let him walk to the park, while I watched him the entire way. As soon as he arrived safely, I sent Briggs to be with him at the park. A little while later they returned and the following was the conversation that ensued:

Briggs: "Mom, you will never believe where I found Max."
Me: "where?"
Briggs:"At Brice's house. He was trying to get his little brother to come out and play."
Me: "Max! I did not say you could go anywhere except the park! If I can't trust  you to go where you said you would go, then you can't go by yourself anymore."

Max: "You're right , Mom.  You can't trust me. I don't think you should let me go by myself again."

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